Wood Exterior Doors Design

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Wood Exterior Doors

Wood exterior doors – The door entry is the first thing people see when they come to your house. It is also very visible from the street and makes an impression with passersby. If the finish on the door of your house has seen better days, you can remove the paint old and then apply varnish or polyurethane. The process itself is not difficult, but it takes time for a finishing material layer to dry before applying the next.

Wood exterior doors, take the door hinges. Place on a workbench or trestles. Take the tape support. Remove old paint. Use a commercial remover. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In essence, the remover is applied to the gate, letting the paint break and then takes the paint and varnish with a plastic spatula and an old rag.

Wash the wood exterior doors after removing the old paint. Do not flood the door with water. Use a spray bottle filled with water, with a clean cloth, wash the door and remove the remaining paint. Leave to dry for several hours or overnight. It allows the door to dry in a sheltered spot before continuing. Sand the door. Start with sandpaper middle grades and pass smoothly. Use a clean, soft dusting brush sanding.

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