Windsor Chairs For Decoration

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Windsor Chairs Tavern

Add the more traditional look into your home with decorative chair design including by having beautiful Windsor chairs which is made of good quality material. Windsor chairs that have always struck me especially since this love sparked by the Nordic style decor emerged, sure that you also shall sound, are these chairs with curved sticks and backed by a solid seat and minimal. Well, it has been to get home after the holidays, pick the bible decoration mailbox, sit on the couch with a coffee and see that AD talked about them and how it has crushed my curiosity I began to investigate. I found his story most curious. I tell you.

It seems that in the 2nd World War the firm commissioned Ercol mass production of low cost furniture, Windsor chairs was born, a few chairs for kitchens or cottages. In 49 Nordic Ilmari would Tapiovaara and would tremendously popular today both these seats are still fashionable and can be used in any room of the house.

Ercol Windsor in the series created many pieces: chairs, sofas, rocking chairs, stools all super friendly, aesthetic and light. To me the one I like is the bank “Love Seat”, the years go passing still current and very “wearable” you can put Windsor chairs in your room, in the hall, in a child’s room or even in the bathroom!

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