Wet Bars For The Home

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Wooden Wet Bars For The Home

The nature of small-scale wet bars for the home makes for a do-it-yourself option for homeowners who are handy with tools. A wet solid bar design is essential before beginning construction zone drink. Install a vinyl tile floor or around the bar area, if the room does not already have a material similar soil.  Install base cabinets to create the base of the bar counter.

Install a piece of stock countertop cut to fit on top of the base cabinets to create the top of the wet bars for the home. Cut a hole for the sink bar on the counter, using a jigsaw. Make a template and cut the hole. Line the bottom edge of the sink with silicone caulk to create a seal. Place the sink in the hole, making sure it is smooth and level.

Tap existing plumbing that runs behind the bar counter to connect the sink plumbing. If you are not familiar with plumbing, hire a licensed plumber to run the lines to prevent leaks and further damage. You are also probably need to hire a plumber if there is no existing water lines run near the wet bars for the home area.  Build shelves above the counter top for additional storage of bottles, glasses and other bar tools.

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