Wall Mounted Lighted Makeup Mirror

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Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Although  a Discussion between one side vs. Double sided illuminated mirrors.  If you are buying Wall Mounted Lighted Makeup Mirror- the two way mirror, know how magnified the second side is mirror. Make sure the mirror is high quality for clear viewing.


Proof wall mounted lighted makeup mirror of lighting in the makeup mirror before buying. If the light is too dark or too bright, you will not be able to see well enough to put on make up and other associated tasks. look for reviews from people who have used the mirror to see how they feel about lighting.

Consider wall mounted lighted makeup mirror buying a lighted mirror with regulatory capacity. With dimming mirror, the light can be adjusted until it is just right for your makeup application. You can dim the light as they are caring for different parts of your face. You may find that you like a type of lighting for makeup application and other for brushing and flossing your teeth and other lighting for plucking eyebrows. You can also use the slider to see how the makeup will look at different scenarios after applying makeup.



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