Vintage Home Bar Decor

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Vintage Home Bar Style

Vintage home bar – The bar is very chic has the highlighted bar with contemporary decor and luxurious. Modern chairs and stools come with stylish design to match the d├ęcor and recessed lighting. For a different space, this bar the received fluorescent blue lights to highlight its shape which occupies much of the environment.

The combination of blue and yellow lights of outstanding brings harmony and makes the most fun bar. For the vintage home bar more lively bars, a stage is a great invitation for live music and more joy. In this environment the rustic is exploited by the wooden floor, tables and chairs and a round dark counter with wooden top. The dark ceiling lowers the ceilings and hiding the wiring, leaving the attention only to the bar decor.

The vintage home bar decor, has strong features and demarcated in the floor difference. Note that the tread design allows two types of coatings: tile and wood. The darkened stools out the balcony decorated with horizontal stripes. The red walls heat the space and leave the more intimate atmosphere. To combine with earthy tones, the lighting comes with outstanding with wicker structure to give more charm.

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