Various Window Scarf Ideas

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Window Scarf Valance

One of the ways in enhancing the look of your window is by adding window scarves using many window scarf ideas. The window scarves itself is basically lightweight pieces of fabrics that have the same look in the front and rear section. Unlike drapes or curtains that serve specific porpoise, the only purpose of the window scarves is decorative only. Thus by arranging the scarves in a specific way you could really beautify the look of your windows.

Different Styles of Window Scarf Ideas

There are a couple of styles regarding the way to install and arrange the window scarves. First is the hanging scarves style that still has two more variations of it. You could hang the scarves with the middle section loosely hanging as swag. Then the both ends of the scarves should be pinched on both sides of the window. The second variation is simply to wrap the scarves on the bar loosely and let it creates multiple loops. Second style is the multiple style which means clearly to use more than just one scarf on one window. There are much more variations available on this style. Third style is the symmetrical or asymmetrical style. It is basically just a simple way to have the scarves hanged even or unevenly. Symmetrical or asymmetrical could create different accent that are both beautifully looking.

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Needed Hardware to Hang Window Scarves

In terms of the hardware there are multiple kinds that are all okay to be used in hanging the scarves in your window. The common choice is the decorative rods that could allow you to be as creative as possible when arranging the scarves. Another great choice is decorative holders having holes to pull the scarves through. More option is the hooks and rings that will hold the scarves.

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