Use Glass Bottles For Wagon Wheel Chandelier

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Awesome Wagon Wheel Chandelier

If you are looking for a way to put some use glass bottles for wagon wheel chandelier, and also happen to be in need of a new lamp, design and create a spider hanging from a glass bottle. Chandeliers illuminate a room ceiling, a concept that may seem scary when you’re hanging breakable glass bottles from above. However, the hardware and the right tools, you can ensure that the spider in a glass bottle remains firm and breathe type country or vintage lighting design that you are after.

Convert a wagon wheel on its side, so that the wheel is flat on the work surface. Arrange glass bottles on top of the wagon wheel chandelier so that the bottles are standing on the edge of the wheel. Mix and match bottles until reaching agreement you like spider. If using bottles assortment, mix in some small bottles with superiors.

Apply glue strong glass at the bottom of the glass bottles. Place the glass bottles into place by pressing down on the wheel of the wagon and keeps them in position for a few seconds. Wait overnight for the glue to dry.

Measure and cut 1 foot 24 gauge wire for every bottle that is used in the wagon wheel chandelier.

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