Update Contemporary Interior Doors

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Contemporary Oak Interior Doors

Contemporary interior doors in a home are often generic, with identical paint colors and hardware. This smooth appearance can get a little boring after a while. To spruce up your home decor, update the common contemporary interior doors with a little paint and new door knobs. It is usually easy to paint interior wooden doors, if they do not stain on them. Mix and match a variety of color styles to add variety to your decor.

Close the hatch. Remove the hinge pin with a hammer and tap. Open the contemporary interior doors and remove it carefully from the hinges. Place a large canvas cloth on the floor. Set two goats on the cloth. Place the door on trestles. Remove the hinges with a screwdriver. Remove the door handle with the screwdriver too. Painting door with a brush. After the structure of the pattern, and use short strokes to ensure full coverage. Wait 24 hours, turn the door over and paint the other side.

Replace the cover after another 24 hours. Replace the hinges with the screwdriver. Place the lid back on the hinge and replace the pins, one at a time. Replace the old steering wheel with a new one, according to the manufacturer’s instructions to install it properly. Leave the door open for several hours to ensure the paint hardens completely.

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