Traverse Curtain Rods

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Rustic Traverse Curtain Rods

Polygonal traverse curtain rods operate with a pulley system. Once installed curtain rods and curtains are connected to the carrier’s curtain, the curtains are opened and closed by pulling a rope. Most kits curtain rod traverse compete come with all necessary mounting bars over their windows hardware. Using a drill and a screwdriver can be mounted easily and rapidly shift rod and hang your curtains.

Measure the window traverse curtain rods to determine the placement of the bracket. Attach the brackets to the default when you install the hardware that is included in the media kit position. Ideally, brackets must be installed into studs, but this may not be possible. If studs are not available, use hollow wall to secure the brackets in the drywall anchors. Drill holes and tighten the screws on the mounting hardware and wall. Place the supports at least every 40 inches for extra wide decks window.

Install the traverse curtain rods brackets pushing it until it clicks. After the rod is pushed into position, each bolt secure rotating cam with a screwdriver. Turn the tension pulley to the wall immediately below the opening for the cord with the hardware provided. Use the cable to blink carriers. Locate the knot on the trunk and pull the rope to the other side of the cable is the desired length.

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