To Dry Out Bar Cabinetry

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Small Wet Bar Cabinetry

A dry bar cabinetry does not include a sink, making it much simpler to build. Use a tape measure to measure the space where you want to install the cabinets dry bar. Remove any adjustments or motherboard dry location pry bar from the wall with the curved end of a hammer or crowbar. Select the cupboards for dry bar. If you have to fill an entire wall, you will need to find multiple cabinets of the same size to line up next to each other.

Cut the cabinets as needed. Remove cabinet doors and shelves, and mark the correct width at the front and rear of the cabinet in pencil. Use a jigsaw to cut through the media and the solid surfaces of the bar cabinetry, cut to the appropriate size. You also have to cut the shelves and cabinet door to the measure, then replace them.

Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the walls. Lightly mark its position in the pen inside the cabinets. Secure cabinets instead of wood screws 3 inches across the back of the cabinets in the wall studs. Place a piece of hardwood, granite or other material draped across the entire width of the dry bar cabinetry.

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