Swing Arm Curtain Rod Brackets

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Swing Arm Curtain Rods Accessories

Swing arm curtain rod is the ultimate in window treatments for busy professionals on the go and looking for an easy way to open and close curtains. They are simple constructions with the rod placed on one side of the window by an oscillating hinge and the other with a fastener. Wishbones are designed to give added aesthetic and appealing touch by professional designers of origin.

The brackets that hold them can make a quick trip to the hardware store instead of buying higher price brackets designed specifically for the task. Find where appropriate position or near the window for mounting the swing arm curtain rod. Mount a standard overlay hinge, making it a rod holder. The bevel hinge has three holes used for the shank of a bit later.

Paste the place of hinge screws with a screwdriver. Screw the fixing element which traps and holds the rod in place on the opposite side of the window. Find the closest beveled lip hinge hole. Insert a screw through the hinge in curtain rod, turning the screw in place. Similarly, information about swing arm curtain rod, which we convey to you. Hopefully this information is helpful to you all.

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