Special Design Kids Daybed

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Modern Kids Daybed

Britannica In this work we show how to make a wooden kids daybed. Do not miss the step by step on this original and decorative wooden kid’s daybed that we can give different uses! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Britannica, we propose the construction of a comfortable and original couch or kid’s daybed, where we can read, relax or enjoy with our couple of very special moments. In addition it is also a piece in which we can store items inside. To make the structure we need a glue laminated pine, a wood strip and a foam mattress. To cover the mattress use a cloth and place it a non-slip feet, to avoid scratching the floor. As for the finish, we will use a colorless to protect the wood and varnish highlight the grain.

To shape the side pieces kids daybed, we start by drawing two straight lines with the help of a wooden lath or a ruler. Then we mark the highest point of the curve and helping a flexible strip and some nails, mark the curved line. Using the jigsaw and curved blade for cutting wood, we shape the boards. Also we draw the handles and make a hole in each, using the drill provided with a drill-blade, in this case, 36 mm dia. Then we empty areas with the jigsaw and a blade for straight, clean cuts in wood.

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While the paint dries, proceed to prepare the top of the kid’s daybed. First, we drilled attachment points on the two side pieces simultaneously. So that the pieces do not move, we hold to the jaws. Then we add the two side pieces with teachers that will subject slats with glue and screws. Also, we place the rest of the tablets, maintaining the same distance between them. To fix them, again we use wood glue and screws.

We insert a non-slip feet at the bottom of the structure to prevent it from moving. Thus, we will not damage the floor. To finish our work we just put the lid on the structure, fitting it correctly. In this easy and original way, we have built a wooden couch or kids daybed, practical and decorative, which we can give different uses.

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