Simplest Granite Countertop Edges

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Long Granite Countertop Edges

Besides deciding on a color for granite countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, you also have to decide on a style of singing. Granite is a hard crystalline rock, the edges of which manufacturers can cut and shape using specialized cutting tools. When choosing granite countertop edges, consider the mood or atmosphere in general is trying to create its interior space.


The simplest and least expensive granite countertop edges style is the rule. Also known as a square edge, a straight edge has a nearly flat face which is perpendicular to the top and bottom of the counter. Straight edges usually come with a bevel, or slight slope, which helps to prevent chipping.


Compared with a straight edge, which has a slight slope, a granite countertop bevel has a much broader sharper slope. The beveled edge still retains a clean and linear aspect, as inclined edge surface is flat, not round.


An ogee edge is one of the most popular styles of decorative trim for granite countertop edges. The top of an ogee shaped edge has a S-like fissures, which curves inwardly and then outwardly before ending at an angle of 90 degrees at the bottom edge.

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