Simple Installating Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rods

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Shower Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rods

Although you cannot drill into roof tiles drop, you can still install ceiling mounted curtain rods. In some cases, connecting a rail to curtail a suspended ceiling or fall can be simpler than rod attachment to a wall. Special clamps and cartridges means you do not have to use power tools to hang rail.

How to install ceiling mounted curtain rods?

1 Measure curtain track to determine how many staples and cartridges you need. Use at least one cartridge clip and 10 inches at its greatest support.

2 Loosen screw in center of each bracket ceiling. Place cartridge below screw hole in each ceiling bracket, aligning hole in cartridge with hole in clamp. Clip and cartridge must face right way. Sides of bracket must be folded up so that clip can clip on lane false ceiling. Opening of cartridge should point down so that track can shorten it.

3 Raise ceiling tiles falling gently and clip of first clip on metal roof rail. Repeat, cut each clamp around 10 inches apart along lane

4 Push curtain track in opening at bottom of each cartridge

5 Attach curtain hooks to track if you have not already. Hang curtain hooks. And you get ceiling mounted curtain rods.

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