Simple Deck Pergola Tips

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Wood Deck Pergola

Deck pergola creates an environment outdoors. Sometimes covered gazebo is covered with a canvas awning. Most of time, flat roof is a series of wooden boards with spaces between them. This allows light, wind and rain. One idea is to heat covered pergola covering roof with transparent plastic sheets. This allows light to enter and continue to block rain. There are other things to do to a covered gazebo to increase its usefulness. When you have installed a pergola attached to a fence or deck, adding upper floors giving you privacy on deck. Ornamental plants such as tall grasses, conifers – such as blue spruce and fir – also protect your garden gazebo and gusty winds

Arbors complement deck pergola and fences as entrances to gardens or lawns. These outdoor structures are functional, such as a covered gazebo wedding, or purely decorative to pass under bone. In deciding tree design your deck or fence, consider size and desired function.

Arbors serve as gateways in gardens. Adding a deck pergola along a fence creates a gateway to a garden or lawn. Match type of wood with material close – as cedar or pine – or make lattice, a contrast material such as vinyl or softwood.

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