Revolving Bookcase Antique

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Revolving Bookcase Antique Australia

Revolving bookcase – Bookcase is one of the most important things for the comfort of your home. Because without a bookshelf, then you home will look like a mess. In choosing a bookshelf sure you want the best. Revolving bookcase that divides two spaces you have imagined the typical shelf in the movies and that moving a book or a decorative bust runs leading to a corridor leading to a treasure and unemployment since the end do a script, bad, but the script after all.

For that, surely you have come to mind that image, but no, nothing like that, but something even more spectacular. Because of the wasted talent, it has been made from recycled materials, because with this revolving bookcase the house takes a modern twist almost futuristic, something I love, to say that it is practiced.

Revolving bookcase this divides a dorm room, so instead of spending with a simple wall space has been this shelf and has used every centimeter of space. The shelf is called UnWaste and was created by architect Ben Milbourne, Acaro─člu Leyla and David Waterworth, drawing on work previously done by some Australian designers but improve it by adding recycled wood plywood.

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