Reupholstering A Back Of Tufted Couch

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Yellow Tufted Couch

In your decorative living room design, one you should add also is such having good tufted couch with its interesting room design that will be good focal point. Tufting adds a vintage look to any bit of furniture. This strategy for attracting fabric with a catch to make creases creates a clean look on an old tufted couch.


Uproot the old fabric with your edge, attempting to keep the froth underneath the fabric in place. Mark the territories on the froth where you’d like the tufting to go.

Place your fabric over the once again of the tufted couch. Focus the fabric over the back territory that needs to be reupholstered. Place a catch over the fabric on top of the range you stamped prior to assign where the catch ought to go. Sew the catch onto the cotton or froth underneath the fabric utilizing a needle and upholstery string.

Cut the string and sew some other catches you have to on the region until you have put one catch over the fabric of the greater part of your stamped regions.

Staple the fabric to the edges of the couch, verifying you keep up your creases. Utilize 3/8-inch staples.

Cut off the overabundance fabric. Conceal the unpleasant edges with an improving trim. Use fabric paste to hold the trim set up tufted couch.

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