Project Very Simple A Hooded Towels For Kids

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Design Hooded Towels For Kids

The hooded towels for kids are a useful and nice to bath time your baby element. The hood covers her head and wraps a towel and keeps it hot and warm. Although you can buy them in the market, make a simple project. All you need is a hand towel and a bath of color and design you like, some basic sewing material and a little time. If you do it correctly, the towel will last well into the age of the child.

We teach you how to add hooded towels for kids using your son. Such towels are classic small babies, but not often achieved for older kids, and for them are also nice to have a hood over his wet towels to protect their heads from the cold. It is a very simple and you can use a game of towels to make it in the same tone. A nice idea is to decorate the finished product and make simple but useful and colorful gifts.

Fold hand towel in half widthwise. Cut with scissors towel. Fold one half of the hooded towels for kids to fold over the cut edge. Connect the cut towel and sew them together edges. Turn it upside down to the part you’ve sewn. This is the hooded towel. Aligns finish towel on the opposite side of the cut edge with the center of the long edge of the bath towel edge. Overlap the edges and joins towels with pins that do not move. Sew two towels together. Remove the pins to finish the hooded towels for kids.


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