Process And Manufacturing Of Wassily Chair By Paola Andrea Rojas

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Wassily Chair White Leather

Consider to have very nice and decorative Wassily chair which will be dramatic and fascinating in your modern traditional room. Also known as the Model B3, was designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-26 Marcel Breuer designed the Wassily chair, for the residence of Kandinsky in Dessau, where the Bauhaus School was. This chair is of fundamental importance because it is used by the premiere once a steel tube 20 mm. In diameter, the same bicycle designer. The model of this chair, designed in 1925, underwent various changes over time.

In 1927 the frame of the current version which is composed of a continuous tube without any joints that bend confined to a cubic space was constructed. At first there was the Wassily Chair by Breuer himself founded by the Standard-Möbel Lengyel, who in 1929 was absorbed by Thonet. The chair, who has over 80 years of history, is still current today, represents an elegant and ideal for office equipment to the home solution.

The chair design was particularly revolutionary for its time, for its use of tubular steel and its manufacturing method. The original structure was plated steel, then chromed, and folded. The wassily chair and back are made of leather, canvas or fabric.

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