Popular Small Bar Cabinet Ideas

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Wood Small Bar Cabinet

As in a hotel, small bar cabinet is only a small refrigerator with shelves or a cabinet for storing snacks and tools. Simply adding a wine cooler free standing anywhere, immediately have a mini bar. You can also remove one of cabinets under kitchen counters and replaced by a built-in wine fridge. For vessels and extra bottles, a mobile island or car is a place of instant storage that can be hidden when not in use. Take any section of small bar cabinet; install a simple stemware rack underneath and a wine rack to counter, and voila! It has transformed the area into a bar cabinet. If you do not mind paying for the installation of a small sink under cover, some plumbing work and a new piece of countertop, add these and wet bar is truly complete.

Many new homes have been designed with small bar cabinet, complete with overhead cabinets. Consider removing the doors of these cabinets, and giving the remaining plot a new paint job. Or, replace the cabinet doors with clear or frosted glass. Organize glass and barware on cabinets, and serve your guests with desktop directly below. You can even install a mini-fridge in the area under the table, where a chair usually slides.

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