Mirrored Bifold Closet Doors

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Wood Framed Mirrored Bifold Closet Doors

Upon entering a room with glass mirrored bifold closet doors you can make you feel like you’re in a magical threshold that brought you back to the 1980 removal and replacement of the glass doors can be expensive for the owner of a house and a tenant may be impossible. There are ways you can update these glass doors with some project materials can be easily found on the store home improvement or local crafts. In the space of an afternoon you can transport your bedroom in the present.

Update mirrored bifold closet doors, Clean the mirrored bifold closet doors surface with a lint free cloth and alcohol. Remove the back of the contact paper and apply the mirrors as desired. Measure the height and width of the bifold doors. Add 2 inches to 2 inches in height and width.

After that update mirrored bifold closet doors, select a contact paper to your door. This can be an impression, a steel or wood imitation finish steel contact paper or frosted glass. Cut a piece of contact paper for each door panel bifold according to their calculations. Clean the door cleaning with a lint-free cloth and alcohol. Clean around the edges of each panel bifold well, going all around the door. Remove the back of a piece of contact paper and place it on one of the door panels.

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