Mirror Desk Ideas

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Gretta Mirrored Desk

There are many important things you should add into your room including table, and mirror desk will be a seriously good choice for giving certain effect to the room. The furniture mirrored perfectly combine design with a shabby chic room, art decor or glamorous. You can make your own furniture mirror with mirror desk on sale in stores home improvement and hardware stores. These come in different finishes and designs to suit so many decorating projects for the home. Reuse furniture old mirror desk placing them for a radical change in the decor of your room.

Clean the surface of the furniture you plan to set you mirror desk. Remove any handle or knob that interferes with the process of implementation of the mirror. If you are adding mirrors on the side of a cabinet, no need to remove hardware. If you cover the front of a closet door, remove the handle.

Mirror desk, measure the total width and height of the surface of the furniture that you are mirroring. For example, if you’re doing mirrored drawer fronts, measure the length and height of the front of the drawer.

Measure and mark one of the mirrored tiles to fit into the dimensions of the surface of the furniture. Use a ruler to mark a straight line. This step only applies if you’re placing mirror in a section that is smaller than the desk.

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