Measures For Boys Bunk Beds

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There are many safety concerns when it comes boys bunk beds, derived from the number of accidents that occur with them. The bunk beds are a very good option to save space and, although usually safe, there are some safety rules to which to adhere. Remember that it is the large number of accidents in bunks what makes it so important to read and understand these precautions.

The bunk beds should be built according to certain criteria. More details below. Children under six should not use the upper bunk. Parents or guardians should spread the strictest rules for use (egg children should know that the bunks are not to play and that the ladder is the only way to gain or lose them). Children tend to use boys bunk beds as a play area and too often climb them by the side rails or by any other means, unless the ladder. Be sure to use the top bunk that can walk up and down the ladder comfortably. Teach children the proper way to enter and exit the bunks. The bunks are not expected to play. Set rules and ensure they obey

If you have any doubts, consider twin beds instead. The bunks we build here can easily become twins. Boy’s bunk beds should be built according to certain criteria.  The timber and fittings shall be of high quality. Both sides of the top bunk should have railing. There should be no openings wider than 3 1/2 “(90 mm) or narrower than 9” (225 mm) in any part of the bed including the railings. The top rail must be at least 5 “(125 mm) above the top of the mattress to prevent a child from rolling on that (Consumer Affairs Victoria, Australia, states that the minimum height above the mattress must be 6 1/4 “or 160 mm).

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The railing of the near side of a wall or on the opposite side to a ladder should extend continuously from one end of the bed to the other.  All components such as screws, nails, thorns, nuts and bolts must be smoothed flush and without protuberances of more than 5/16 “(8mm) anywhere on the bed. Make sure boys bunk beds and stairs are sturdy and safe. Use night lights to help children find the stairs in the dark. No berth shall be painted with lead paint.

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