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Wood Or Plastic Decking

Plastic decking is made of a plastic compound. These options cover come in many different styles and colors and therefore offer a range of possibilities. Cost effective and suitable for almost any domestic installation, have become popular.

There are a variety of color choices in plastic decking. Almost any pattern, including stone and imitation wood or solid colors are available. These are available in various patterns of granite, bronze and black to dark gray and black. Note that a black solid laminate is always an option, but be careful. These colors show scratches more than lighter colors.

A straight edge plastic decking is one that has a cut along the edge, which means that the entire edge is angled, miter mere 90 degrees. With this border, use one of several different bevel cuts to finish the cover after installing laminate. A 45 degree bevel is cut into two adjacent pieces of laminate with a 45 degree drill. This creates a simple and consistent edge all the way around deck. Alternatively, only the upper bevel rolled sheet, so the end of the bezel is embedded in the laminated top piece is wrapped around the edge. This creates a smaller line and creates less edge definition for a softer look.

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