Making Wine Cabinet Furniture

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Corner Wine Cabinet Furniture

An empty wine cabinet can be turned into various household furniture, from libraries to coffee tables. Most wine cabinet furniture is solidly built in pine or cedar wood, and are perfect for the hardworking person with imagination and awareness of recycling. Printed labels in the wood can add a special touch to your wine cabinet furniture. Follow the steps below to make shelves from wine cabinet. Measure the length and width of the inner sides and bottom of the cabinet of wine you want to cover with cling to walls. Draw the measures you have taken in the back of the wallpaper.

Must obtain five rectangles, each with 1.25 cm extra length or width. Draw a line on each corner of the five rectangles in half-inch mark. These marks should form a small form of letter “V” in each corner. Cut each corner of the rectangle on the mark 1.25 cm in both length and width. Spray the adhesive on the inner surfaces of the wine cabinet furniture. Position each piece of paper next to each other on the inner sides and gently press down to hold in place. Position and press the piece that goes in the background finally, and smoothes out any wrinkles.

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