Making Trunk Coffee Table

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Quest Trunk Chest Coffee Table

Trunk coffee table is nice for your traditional room design, also to enhance more rustic feeling of that room with the simple best way. Natural wood is a great way to add a strong and interesting to a number of scenarios for home decoration appearance. You can use a tree trunk to make various furniture such as coffee tables, mice tables, chairs, stools and other furniture made ​​of wood. The mice tables are especially easy to do for your size and shape.

The trunk coffee table let the timber park. The parked timber is wood that has been cut from the tree such time that has been dried and the humidity has dropped to the lowest levels ago. Generally you park after a year or so of being cut. The wood needs to dry and free of moisture to ensure stability. The type of wood will determine whether the crust will stay in the tree or not; Most woods lose their bark once parked.

Trunk coffee table sprays and kills any insect with pesticides. Insects such as termites, ants, spiders and other dangerous pests can hide in the wood. All insects should be killed before entering the log to your home to prevent infestation. Cut the tree trunk of an appropriate size using a hand saw or power saw. Cut it so that the bottom and the top are as right as possible.

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