Making Childs Rocking Chair Ideas

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Unique Childs Rocking Chair

Childs rocking chair – A beautiful addiction to any game room, a rocking baby should be sized for the safety and comfort of the child. While you can buy child-sized rocking in certain specialty stores, building your own gives you more control over color, size and design of the chair. Saw plywood sections in different parts of the rocker. Cut the rear panel of at least 23 inches high and 16 centimeters in diameter. This height will leave room for locking the track while being high enough to support the child’s back. Cut the seat panel 18 inches wide and 12 to 13 centimeters deep. As with all parts of the chair, use 3/4 inch plywood to provide sufficient thickness to support the weight of the child in the roads cut by the router. Make the side panels, or template, rocking 16 inches high by 26 inches wide. Cutting the piece of the upper side to the bottom, the first cutting edges at an angle of 30 degrees panel. This will allow you to create a smoothly rounded edge on the bottom side panel that makes smooth rolling motion. Once the bottom is the width and the correct curve, cut the tip of squaring the angle is greater than 16 inches tall.

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Make two screw holes in each side piece about two-thirds up to 6 inches apart. These screw holes are screwed into the seat and hold the pieces together. Use the router to track lines on each piece containing contiguous parts. Route 0.25 inches deep in the side panels of a track gently flush is 18 inches long and 0.75 inches wide. This will provide a solid lead for the childs rocking chair. In addition, cutting a vertical track at the end of the seat track at an angle of 100 degrees throughout the reducing 2 inches and through the top of the side part. This will provide adequate rear-seat track.

Create a routing track along the width of the work piece, 2 inches from the bottom of the seat back. On this track the seat adjustment. Put all the pieces together in their tracks right using wood glue to hold them firmly in place. Allow time to dry. Screw the bracket screws into the holes drilled in the side pieces. They should fit snugly into the seat. Cap with protective rubber caps at the end to avoid injuries. Paint or stain color desired at childs rocking chair. Using a waterproof spot any damage spilled juices and food is prevented.

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