Making A Tall Dressers For Tools

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Empire Mission Tall Dressers

Tall dressers┬ácan you add in your home, and they will be very good to help you storing and keeping many things such as clothes, and other important part there. Whether you describe as a mechanic who enjoys spending time in the garage or a carpenter who loves working with their hands, or simply prefer the clean lines minimalist used functional storage, you can convert a flat dresser into a sideboard tools for a “smart garage”. Contemporary fittings, large rubber wheels, a thick layer of paint bright and if you prefer, bumper cars transform your dresser drawers in a high industrial work but functional art for your bedroom.


Section 1

1. Spend sandpaper over the surface of the tall dressers and the edges of the drawer sides gently to prepare the piece for painting.

2. Dip the brush or roll around the dresser and drawer faces with several layers of high gloss paint to achieve a similar Dressers metal tools look. Choose a solid color for tall dressers like yellow, turquoise or red, one of the traditional colors of the windows of tools or looking for a neutral color like black, brown, gray or white.

3. Place a knob for drawers shaped silver or black rod in each drawer fronts to mimic the look of the handles of tools dressers. Alternatively wooden dowels cut 1 inch (2.5 cm) diameter of the desired size and paint them black or silver.

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4. Place another long handle or a hand painted dresser to serve as handle to move around the room dresser drawer.

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