Making A Solid Wood Desk Made From Old Things

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Solid Wood Desk Tips

Solid wood desk looks very good and attractive in certain area including as the office desk, coffee table and other desk needed for different uses. Desks are an essential section of any business and the majority of homes, but those who wish to establish a home business office, a student or small businesses sometimes have to economize. A do it yourself project using recycled materials or items of stores or second hand building materials recyclers help reduce the cost of development of your office. A traditional method for the manufacture of a large desk, sturdy yet economical involves the use of a solid wood desk door. A hollow wooden door works better, but some have had success with solid doors or metal.


Making the desktop

1. Locate the materials to create your desktop. Your door may be solid wood should be 28 to 30 inches (71 x 203 cm) wide. The standard length is 80 inches (203 cm) and this will be the width of your desktop.

2. Locate two metal filing cabinets. These can be found in shops or second hand online.

3. Prepare your door, which will be the top of the desk. The door may have a hole that was used for the door handle.

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4. Paint the door solid wood desk, if desired, with a glossy paint. You can use a brush for the door, but uses color spray paint if you want to coordinate the colors of the doors and cabinets.

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