Make Wine Rack Furniture

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Santiago Wine Rack Furniture

A wine rack furniture or storage place should not cost more than it saves. Regular parcel tubes are sized to store a bottle of wine, so they are an option of saving cost. The thick walls of the tubes make a lasting option, and in minutes with minimal effort and skills, can turn into something as attractive as a purchased shelf. Cut the tube leaving 22.5 cm using a saw. Cut six tubes. Sand the cut with fine sandpaper to smooth any imperfections Account edges. Decorative paper cut into six pieces, each large enough to wrap a tube remaining open edges 1.2 cm.

Covers the wine rack furniture outside of the tubes with a thin layer of decoupage glue, using a sponge brush to apply it. Wrap the paper around the tube and smooth it so there are no bubbles. Let the paper dry for an hour, and then apply a second coat of glue on top to seal it.

Paste glue together three tubes resistant resin to form a row of three tubes for wine rack furniture. Stack two tubes on the bottom row three and glue. Paste the final tube up to form a pyramid. Wrap the pyramid with the fastener tape to adjust.

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