Make Wicker Laundry Basket

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Wicker Laundry Basket Picture

Wicker laundry basket will be very interesting to have because they will be very good and cool that will be decorative in its look and nice in its design that looks stunning. To make this wicker laundry basket, we first take the pillowcase and pass it through the wicker basket. Make sure the open end of the pillowcase is up. Fold the edge of the open end of the pillowcase so that it covers the wicker basket.

Now take both parts of snap button to place it in the defunda fabric pillow. With needle and thread, sew the button. Place one hand on the edge of the pillow, in the part that has been above the wicker basket. Sew through the holes of the button so that it is secure and will not be using the wicker laundry basket.

And sew the other side of the button on the side of the pillowcase that has been located under the basket wicker. Be sure to sew the button so you can fasten it through the wicker basket. Something like this is what you should have. Do not forget to sew both sides of the button as tightly as possible, so the wicker laundry basket will be tougher.

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Place several buttons so that the pillow is fully affirmed the wicker basket. When you achieve the sheath completely surrounds the ring, you have finished your laundry basket made ​​from a pillowcase.

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