Make Gliding Rocking Chair

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Wooden Gliding Rocking Chair

Rocking in a gliding rocking chair is relaxing, but not when the rock hits the wall. If you are not interested in replacing it with a modern glider, adjust your rocker comfortable for classic not hit the wall, compromising the rocking motion that you have grown to love. Chair cushions help them stay put in hardwood or tile. Adding felt for runners may also keep the chair from sliding.

Make gliding rocking chair pad, Place your rocking chair on a clean floor, which can swing freely without hitting a wall. Measure two rectangular pieces of rug pad that is about 5 inches wide by 10 inches long. Cut two pieces of rug pad. Place the pieces of rug pad on the floor so they will focus on each corridor. Use your hand to press the pads firmly to the floor carpet.

Adding felt for runners gliding rocking chair, Flip the rocker more so you can work at the bottom of the corridor. Measure two rectangular pieces of felt that are the width of the corridor chair 10 inches long. Cut two pieces of double-sided adhesive tape the same length as the pieces of felt. Set the tape to the back of the press felt and along the middle section of each chair corridor. Flip the gliding rocking chair back.

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