Make Deck Bench Plans

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Simple Deck Bench Plans

A basic deck bench plans that is convenient to sit on your deck does not have to cost a fortune and should not take long to do from some cards. You can use the bench to sit, or put some potted plants or around it for a more decorative look.

Directions to make deck bench plans: put your four plates 2 feet parallel to each other and spaced every two feet, with the plates resting on their sides. Put two of its 8-foot boards on their sides, perpendicular to the plates, with a long board on each side to resemble a ladder.

Adjust the plates as required for the 8 foot boards overhanging the steps 2 foot by one foot at each end. Place a plate 4 for 4 in every corner of your table. Screw two screws on each side moving through its frame plates and tables 4-by-4 to form the legs to the bank.

Turn the frame over and hold the legs. Pour the remaining four 8 feet long boards side by side on the top of the frame. Finally, to make deck bench plans, sand the outer surfaces of your bank and apply coats of paint, wood stain and water resistant.

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