Make A Mini Bar For Home

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Portable Mini Bar For Home

A mini bar for home is a useful accessory if you like to receive visitors. It also creates a new atmosphere and more fun for your guests feel like they’re in a bar being at home. The best part is that a mini bar should not be huge to be useful. A simple mini bar is a project that even someone with limited experience in woodworking can perform. Measure and cut with the table saw two sections of wood 1.21 m by 60.5 cm.

Measure and cut with the table saw sections 7.5 cm by 1.21 m of wood. Measure and cut with the table saw wood sections 60.5 cm 91.5. Guide pierces a row of holes along the top edge of the 4 foot sections. The holes should be 0.68 cm from the edge and spaced evenly along the table of mini bar for home.

A wooden One 3 foot between the two tables of 4 feet aligned with each line of holes and connect using wood screws 5 cm and drill. This forms a box with an intermediate shelf. Connects the two parts remaining 3 inches under section 3 feet from the bottom. Make pilot holes with an electric screwdriver, if necessary. This act as a strut and trims for the mini bar for home.

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