Lazy Susan Cabinet

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White Lazy Susan Cabinet

Lazy Susan cabinet works best in your modern kitchen also will work well to help you organizing everything well within its fascinating design. Select type of lazy Susan cabinet to fit space. These include Super Susan, full circle, cutting cake, D-shaped crescent. Names refer to shape of rotating shelves.  Type you choose should be based on shape of cabinet and what to put in closet. All listed Susan can be modified retroactively to an existing cabinet with exception of Super Susan. A Super Susan is new generation of Lazy Susan.

Lazy Susan cabinet has a fixed shelf in center of box with two independently rotating trays in closet and no poles in middle. Due to fixed platform, Super Susan is much stronger and larger than their cousins, but this also means it has to be incorporated in a new cabinet box.

Let’s say you agree on this procedure and you really want to. What you can do is start with a certain area of ​​your home like kitchen, for example. In your kitchen, it would be nice to have a revolving cabinet or what is popularly referred to as “lazy Susan”. Why is called lazy Susan cabinet? I don’t know.

Anyway, one turntable is a type of platform or shelf in closet that turns freely. It is a very clever type of accessory in your kitchen that seems essential.

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