Kids Armoire Ideas

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Kids Armoire Pink

Kids armoire-It is sometimes surprising to see how much things children can accumulate in the early stages of life. Many parents think that with all the toys, games, books, art supplies and ever-changing wardrobe quickly outgrown clothes children often need more storage space than adults. With a little imagination and accurate measurement, you can add kids armoire for the children of a part of your home decor.

Since the box will virtually dozens of styles and sizes, when included in a child’s room, it is usually best to determine the height of the kids armoire based on the child’s age. A typical height for a small child’s box is about 24 inches high allow young children to reach their toys. For children age 06:56 a medium box of about 30 inches in height can add extra storage room and still keep the items at a level the child can reach. A high box is approximately 36 inches high and top shelves can be accessed by almost anyone over 2.5 meters high.

If you decorate your child’s room with fragile items, such as figurines or glass, higher box can help keep fragile items out of reach of little hands. However, parents must take great precautions when using high kids armoire in the children’s room as they may pose to be a climbing danger.

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