Installing Sliding Shower Doors

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Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors – In addition to bringing originality to the spaces, the sliding doors are used primarily to save space and facilitate the entry to the rooms. Sliding doors most applicable today are glass or crystal, because they are composed of a sustainable material that also works in saving light. With some basic knowledge of home maintenance, sliding doors can be installed relatively easily. If you decide to do, slip is the following tools: screwdriver, drill, level, wrench, and metro and specific mouth fixed wrench. In addition, the sliding doors need to be installed, the guides and the respective systems for the secured lane.

Sliding shower doors, you have to remove the hinges that have remained from the previous opening. Then the pencil marking process must be done with precision. First line guide to the top mark, which should be measured the same as the guide.

Sliding shower doors, on either side of this line, leaving about 5 cm from the edge, a hole where to put the clamps of the guides is drilled. In turn, two holes are needed for the supports. To place the guide in question is permanently required level help. This guide should come with brake systems in their limbs.

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