Install Solar Deck Post Lights For Walkways

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VIP Solar Deck Post Lights

The walkways and stairs illuminated with solar deck lights help you and your guests to move safely outdoors when the sun. Solar deck post lights for walkways work with the energy of the sun. They have small solar panels on top of the lights that charge an internal battery. This makes it begin to glow after dark. Solar lights are small pockets that are mounted horizontally to concentrate light on the catwalks and stairs. Gateway Solar lights are available in many styles and varieties in both plastic and metal.

Decide the location you have your solar deck post lights around your gateway. Check your solar lights are exposed to full sun for best results. Arrange solar lights and accommodates locations until the space between each light and catwalk looks correct. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble solar lights.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions solar lights for installation specifications. Hits Head light stakes into the ground with a rubber mallet until it reaches the ground level or is slightly above it. Screwed on the stakes lights, turning the bottom of the base of the light clockwise within the top of the head of the stake. Allows solar deck post lights the sun to charge for a few hours before use.

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