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Beauty Of Antique Dining Table

There are many different types of dining table decor you can select, and having very good Antique dining table is one of the best idea. Antique dining table was created over the past centuries of decorative periods, especially in America and Europe. Many of these antiques are very rare and extremely expensive. Tables antique dining more affordable these are reproductions of period pieces. They are available in many woods like mahogany, walnut and maple and rectangular shapes, oval and square. Such antique dining table represent styles as old as the Elizabethan England of the sixteenth century or the late twentieth century America.

1. The first table

The antique dining table common in the Middle Ages (V century to about the fifteenth century) were the large communal tables: simple boards placed on trestles with framed and reinforced supports. The marble tables (with marble surfaces supported by slabs of the same material) were also used.

2. XVII Century

The antique dining table of this period was often carved to pieces of the eighteenth century. For example, the table in a lobby of the seventeenth century is an evolution of the dining table medieval. Reproductions of today are often called “refractory” tables. Towards the latter part of the seventeenth century, the design of the table became more decorative

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