Identifying Boxwood Topiary

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Boxwood Topiary Photo

You should think very carefully about best boxwood topiary which will be good and decorative, and identify it correctly is the other important idea to think. The bogies are used usually for shrubs ornamental fences or private showings. Because there are about 90 species different boxwood topiary, it is necessary to know what kind of box you have to know how you should water it, fertilize and care. Learn about different ways to identify boxwood that you can grow shrubs successfully.


  1. Look at the shape of your boxwood topiary. Some are tall and tree, others are like columns, some are low and growing on a mound, while others have drooping branches rather compact. Cut your boxwood your way down substantially diminishes the possibilities.
  2. Measure your boxwood. Some shrubs boxwood trees are tall while others are compact and low varieties.
  3. Watch your boxwood leaves. Some bogies are green and others are large leaves and bright green or yellowish green. Check the size of the leaves and also recorded form.
  4. Compare your stats boxwood with which they are listed in a book about bogies or on a reputable website that holds details on the bushes. For example, the website of the Virginia Cooperative Extension provides information on many of the most common types of boxwood.
  5. Take pictures of bush and take them to a local garden center or cooperative extension center in your city, if you cannot identify your boxwood topiary.
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