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It is open and bright spaces outside into the dark by partial or total demolition of walls. If we want to maintain privacy by knocking the top of the septum get that led deck lights reaches the interior areas without condition the visual privacy between the two spaces. Furthermore, if we close that gap with a crystal we can also prevent the passage of noise between a stay and another.

For years there day lighting systems through ducts that bring led deck lights from outside to inside. The system is based on placing a mouth (a kind of skylight, but smaller) on the roof of the building and through a metal pipe with a high reflection of its walls is carried into space we want to illuminate. The pipe diameter is usually around 25-Cm.

A second system, the optical fiber. Captures sunlight by panels on the roof of 1x1m buildings or homes and transports up to 20 feet away using fiber optic cables. Once inside the building, fiber optic cables can be branched getting several outbreaks of natural led deck lights. It is much more practical for rehabilitation, since the tubes are much thinner and the distance between exterior and interior can be much higher.


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