How To Use A Metal Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

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Picture Of Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

Daybed with pop up trundle can be added into your private room, to be a nice versatile part for you to sit down and even to sleep comfortably when you are tired. A daybed with pop up trundle provides convenience and space saving sofa bed with additional bed that hides when not in use. Many have trundle beds metal frame, although the materials and styles vary from brand to brand.

  1. Place the combo bed in an area where you can easily remove the pop-up bed.
  2. If you are taking two people who do not want to sleep next to each other, just leave the daybed with pop up trundle in the down position if the model permits.
  3. Raise the daybed with pop up trundle to access the metal legs, if applied to the model. Some models have locks to unlock and lock the legs; must first press a button to open or close a latch to release the legs.
  4. Raise the bed gently to help release metal legs down and out. When the legs are fully extended safely in place, cover the bed with linen double.
  5. Remove the bedding before getting out of bed and sliding back under the daybed. You can keep the bedding in twin size lower bed if desired. Most models require a button is depressed to release the legs from the locking position.
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