How To Tie Racks

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Tie racks┬áis interesting as well you should have in your bedroom which will be very helpful to organize your tie therefore you will easy to store and to find it. A rack of ties homemade keep your ties very clean and unwrinkled. It can make a rack using a hook uncoated metal that bends in a continuous “S”. The ties hang from the horizontal parts of the “S”. The hook of the hanger will remain intact, making it easy to hang the rack in the closet. Avoid hooks plastic coated wire for this project because the coating makes it difficult to unwrap the wire end of the base of the hanger.


1. Use the leather gloves to safeguard and cushion your hands while dealing with wire.

2. Roll the end of the hanger that is coiled at the base of the hook.

3. Cut the folded end of the wire wrapped around the base of the hook.

4. Wrap a little bit of electrical tape all around the cut end from the wire to avoid tie racks tearing the metal ties or other nearby items.

5. Straighten the hanger by bending the wire with your hands, but leave the hook and the bend is immediately under the hook intact.

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6. Take the wire 2 inches (5 cm) below the fold which is just below the hook, and fold in a semicircle.

7. Take the wire 4 inches (10 cm) down from the semicircle and put another curve that goes in the opposite direction.

8. Hang ties on horizontal straight sections of wire. Use the hook to hang the tie racks in your closet.

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