How To Restore Bar Cabinets For Home

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Classy Bar Cabinets For Home

If you have an old bar cabinets for home you want it to look like new again, you can restore it by yourself. A wooden cabinet can become damaged over time and look old and worn. Repaint the furniture to its original condition. Place a new seal on the wood surface.

Instructions of restore bar cabinets for home: to fill any dents or imperfections in the cabinet, put a knife in tin wood putty and shows a small amount. Place the putty in the imperfection of the cabinet. Let dry for 30 minutes the wood putty. Place your cabinet bar on the ground to sanding. Place disc grit 180 in an orbital sander. Put it on the cabinet and turn it on. Sand the cabinet to remove the original patina.

After that, clean the cabinet with a cleaning cloth to remove dust from sanding. Remove the lid of the can. Dip a clean cloth on the stain. Generously apply the dye to the cabinet. Clean excess dye cabinet with another clean cloth. Let the stain dry for 24 hours. The last instructions of restore bar cabinets for home is applying one coat of wood sealer on the cabinet with a brush. Let the sealer dry for 24 hours.

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