How To Replace The Closet Doors With Curtain

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You can replace by yourself your closet doors, it is aimed just for making it better for its look and appearance also to give you more comfort. The alternative to closet doors, you can use a screen that allows you to give personality from a very creative way to your room.


  1. Remove existing closet doors, but keep it in case you want to replace the door in the future. Close the door and release the hinge pin touching the bottom with a hammer and a nail.
  2. Open the door shortly after removal of the pins and gently lift the door off the hinges so you will not fall over or on the floor.
  3. Measure the area above the door frame of the cabinet to determine where to place the rod curtain, either against the door frame or inside the cabinet, depending on where you want the curtains go.
  4. Insert pushpins on brands, including passing a thread and see the result to further ensure uniformity. Once you confirm the level of line and space, drill holes to install the rod.
  5. You can choose just a curtain that moves from side to side or two, depending on the frame size of your closet doors. If you make your own curtains, measure from the rod to the floor and takes at least 1 inch from the bottom so that the curtain does not drag on the ground.
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