How To Put Twin Daybed Look Larger

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White Twin Daybed

There are many unique things you can add into your room including having nice twin daybed which should be put properly in your room. Sometimes it is not necessary to seek or spend too much to change the size of twin daybed. If you have two identical twin size you no longer use, you can combine them into a king size daybed.


  1. Get twin XL daybeds, including mattress and box spring of identical dimensions. Measure dimensions to unite through its longest side. You need this information to buy bedding. The Twin XL have the same length as the King size daybeds so it will be easier to find the right size XL twin sheets.
  2. Buy the twin daybed frame and bedding the right size, as it was determined by the combination of the dimensions of both Twin XL.
  3. Install the frame and put the two twins XL, parallel to the longest side, inside him. Push the daybeds so that they are firmly together.
  4. The jumpers can help you seal the daybeds together while also conceal the space between the two mattresses. Install the jumper in the “crack” in the middle of twin daybed by following the specific instructions provided with your connector. If you decide not to use it, skip this step.
  5. Put the mattress cover, which help keep the two mattresses together. Place the rest of the bedding on the mattress.
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