How To Paint Barnwood Furniture Style?

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Rustic Barnwood Furniture

Add the more traditional feeling into your home by having best traditional furniture design from barnwood furniture that will be interesting in its appearance and look. By using barnwood furniture in your living space will create a rustic atmosphere with an ancient atmosphere for you and your guests enjoy. The painted barnwood furniture can be found in furniture stores, estate sales or even can be purchased from an artist. These solutions are expensive; however you can create a look for your old barnwood furniture in just a few days, without paying the high price.


1. Sand your wood furniture with sandpaper 50-80 with a movement circle. This will remove any paint, varnish or wood finish.

2. Sand the wood using a screwdriver to create deep marks and scratches on the wood surface. Keeps the direction in the direction of the wood grain creating cracks along with the screwdriver? The rougher the surface, the better. Grains, deep scratches and imperfections are characteristic of barnwood furniture style.

3. Apply primer to the entire surface of the furniture with a broad brush.

4. Apply desired to paint the wood surface using a dry brush technique with quick strokes and subtle brushed color. The soft or neutral colors like teal gray old white, yellow mustard and fit the style barnwood furniture.

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5. Scrape the surface painted with a pad of steel wool.

6. Paint two thin coats of clear polyurethane on the surface with a wide brush. Wait overnight before applying the second coat.

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