How To Match Sofa And Chaise Sofa

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Chaise Sofa Ideas

Chaise sofa will be the interesting part that you should have for your living space made of good quality fabric and even you can match it each other within the room style. Extra seating in a living room are always good, but combine sofas and chaise sofa can be a dilemma in terms of decor and layout combinations.


1. Replace the fabric of the pieces to create a cohesive whole.

2. Use decorative pillows to turn different colors or patterns are changing the liner or cover is not an option.

3. Hang ornaments additional window that match the set in the same much space. Place both fabric patterns together as brown shutters beneath blue curtains.

4. Paint the walls in a tone found in both mobile or change the colors in a decorative pattern on the wall.

5. Place the two pieces of furniture in an L-shape, if possible, mimicking the flow of the chaise sofa

6. Place a large rug in complementary colors in front of both pieces of furniture. Place two coffee tables in front of both pieces to have functionality and visual appeal. An oval shape works best to continue curved lines.

7. Bring other accessories that connect the colors and patterns used to match the sofa and chaise sofa in the same space. For example, a large abstract painting made with blue, spotted with brown, framed in the same wood from the center and hung behind the furniture tables can connect the entire area.

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