How To Make Nesting Tables

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Mid Century Nesting Tables

You can make yourself the best nesting tables, in which it will be very nice in its uses and design, to be the great idea as well for small space. The nesting tables are tables that are placed one inside the other, so they are ideal for small rooms.


  1. Measure the space where you want to place the nesting tables, including height, width and depth. These measures determine the height, width and depth of the larger table.
  2. Determines the number of tables you want to include.
  3. Cut the wood of the corresponding size. Many hardware stores will cut to the extent delivered. For each table you plan to build, you need a table top, four legs and four boards thin and narrow to place under the table as molding.
  4. Mark the underside of the tables which will place the legs, taking into account the molding. Punch holes in the table in the center where you will place each leg.
  5. Place the trim on all tables. Start with the longer sides. Locate the trim so that it is aligned with the outer edge of the table and touch the legs.
  6. Cover the top of all nails and screws with putty and wait for it to dry. Then sand all surfaces and edges of tables.
  7. Paint or stain the nesting tables. If you want to paint, start by applying a coat of primer, let it dry and then paint.
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