How To Make A Vanity Organizer

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Drawer Vanity Organizer

Vanity organizer you can add into your bedroom or bathroom as the important item to help you organizing many personal stuffs such as make up and even perfumes. Singular cubicles in the coordinator can store beautiful or adornments with like things for simple area and use. With moderate sewing abilities, in one evening, you can make an enchanting vanity organizer.


Place the tight cardboard rectangle. (It’s not important to cover the lowest part more edge or two end edges in light of the fact that they will be against within or base of the coordinator crate and, accordingly, not noticeable.)

Apply elastic bond to the individual rectangles. Paste the cardboard within the fabric so the fabric covers every rectangle.

Measure the part of the way point on the 9-by-2-inch rectangles. Cut a 0.25-by-1.75-inch length opening at the 4.5-inch mark. Trim away the cut of cardboard and bit of fabric vanity organizer.

Place the opening of every 9-by-2-inch rectangle down on top of the more drawn out rectangle, dispersing one rectangle around 4 inches from one end of the coordinator. Place the other rectangle 4 inches from the first and foremost, making three segments. Push down on the divider gradually.

Utilize the paste firearm to paste along the bottom of the rectangles associating the fabric-secured dividers to the fabric liner of the vanity organizer.

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